DBManager Professional

DBManager Professional 3.4

Manage databases created with various applications such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
3.4.7 (See all)
Manage every aspect of your databases, tables, and domains including foreign keys, triggers, indexes, etc. and import or export to or from various sources such as FoxPro, Excel, Access, XML, ODBC or Paradox. The tool includes builders for forms and reports, a diagram designer, a database comparing function and activity monitoring capabilities.

The DBManager Professional is an application for MySQL and PostgreSQL It is rich in features. It comes in two editions so you can choose the one that will fit your needs: Freeware and Enterprise. The Freeware edition is totally functional and some features are not even available in any other free software for database management. The Enterprise Edition is a commercial product, although inexpensive, if compared with other commercial products available in the market. The reason we are releasing a commercial edition is to help us continue the development of this and other tools.

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